Maryellen Damiano
Maryellen Damiano

As the Chair of the Worship Committee at Fisk Memorial United Methodist Church in Natick, MA. and as a member of the church's Senior choir I reach out to fellow music colleagues to invite them to participate by perfoming during our worship service. Through my various music affiliations, I have quite a bit of contact with other singers. To this end, I have had the pleasure of hearing and performing with Ms. Damiano, as she is a fellow colleague with the A Cappella Singers of Natick. I have invited her to sing at Fisk for several years now, and she is always received well and our congregation enjoys her very much.

Ms. Damiano sings with great feeling and expression. She sings well and has a lovely voice. It is always a pleasure to attend one of her performances. . . . .Betsy Lindsey

It is an absolute joy and gift to be able to see Maryellen perform on stage whether it's at a Methodist Coffee House Social or Religious Service. The dedication, commitment and passion she puts into her music is truly amazing ! Being able to hear her sing often brings tears of joy to my eyes. . . . .Sandra Eilers

Maryellen has a lovely voice and it is a pleasure for our congretation to have her lead us in song whenever I have hired her to cantor at our church. She is always well prepared with her music and is a true professional. . . . .LuAnne Mellish, Music Director, St. Anselm Church, Sudbury, MA

“Maryellen is a great cantor and wonderful person. She brings a dedication and passion that I think I’ve never seen outdone.”

                                           Scott Neal Reilly

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